Visit the Animals

When you visit Hockey’s Farm you are also welcome to meet our animals.  Here are some of our characters that you can look out for on your next visit.

Click each animal below to learn more about them:

Mischief Maker

Nemo was born on the forest on the 9th May 2014; he is a chestnut New Forest pony. His registered name is Brock Believer. Unfortunately his mother rejected him and he arrived here at Hockey’s only 36 hours old.

He was quite poorly and his immune system was very poor, he therefore needed a blood transfusion at 6 weeks old. Luckily, Ted was able to donate 3 litres of blood and Nemo was given the plasma. This was a great success and although it has been an expensive and stressful year Nemo is now fit and healthy and full of mischief.

Front of House Manager

Marley is often found in the Farm yard ready to welcome any visitors.
His passions include people watching, sunbathing and gossiping with the rest of the animals.




Terrific at twitter

These Budgerigars have been rehomed by us; they came in as two pairs but have settled in well together.

New Forest Explorer

Murphy was born in May 1995, on the forest; he is a bay New Forest Pony.

His registered name is Ashley Highlander. He enjoys going out for rides in the forest and used to used to help with Riding for the Disabled.

Nemo's partner in crime

Stanley was born on the 4th May 2014. He is a bay New Forest Pony and his registered name is Hollyhatch Fieldmaster.

baby Donkey Lulu
Busy being cute!

Lulu is a relatively new addition to the farm with her mum Lily. They both arrived August 2014.

She has been busy exploring and getting to know all the other animals so far.

A bit of a show off

Ted is a dark bay New Forest pony.  He was born on the forest in 2006 and his registered name is “Oakwood Jester”.

He enjoys rides on the forest and competing at local shows with Ellen.

Lulu's Mum

Lulu arrived at the farm with her baby Lulu in August 2014.

She is still getting to know all the other animals at the farm. But, she has a very active set of vocal chords – especially when she wants feeding!

The girls having a gossip with Marley
The gossip girls

Dotty, Daisy, Daphne, Delilah, Deidree and Little Black Nose are our sheep. They arrived at Hockeys as orphans in Spring 2014 and they were bottle fed until they were old enough to hard feed.

They are now pets and may have their own lambs soon.

Alpaca boys
The New Gents

Meet our gents, they all came to us September 2015.

Java, brown, is a handsome young Suri male who unfortunately suffers from mild seizures so he can no longer be used for breeding. He sadly passed away September 2016 following his various health issues.

Wiggo, a Huacaya &Nairo,Nairo, a Suri,  are older white chaps, probably 12 to 15yrs old, they too were kindly donated to us here at the farm.

Alpacas are inquisitive, yet shy creatures that need to live in a herd. Three is a small herd and the gents are settling in well and seem to enjoy all the activity around their paddock.

Our two latest alpacas. Young chaps to keep the old gents company. Wills is deaf but a very happy paca. Walnut is still in full fleece and quite the model!