Pannage Pork

Pannage Pork is as a result of pigs being permitted to forage freely across the forest. Pannage is an historical right bestowed to local people (Commoners) to graze livestock on common land. At Hockey`s we have Pannage Rights and will continue to support the natural ecology of the New Forest in this way. Pannaging is an ancient right, William the Conqueror established pannage rules within the New Forest way back in the 11th century.

Pannage pigs tend to stay close to their home, returning,in this case, to their field shelter at night. For a few months of each year, in the Autumn, pigs are permitted onto the Forest to forage for acorns which are poisonous to other forest animals, such as cattle and ponies. Pannage pigs` diet is natural and of their choice. Pigs are also partial to beechnuts, wild mushrooms and other woodland treats, This year there has been an abundance of acorns .

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