Take a nose around

Take a nose around

Take a virtual tour around the farm and see all the latest changes with Imi:

Baby Animals Everywhere!

We have delivered our first piglets and lambs ourselves this year! A truly wonderful experience –and so far so good. Richard…the little chap in the photo, was a tricky delivery but thanks to the expert midwifery skills of Rich & Lara, the shearers, who just happened to be here on the day! He`s doing very […]

Alpaca boys

All about the Apacas

Watch Imi’s latest youtube update which features the Alpacas.  Get to know all three of the herd and the difference between them:

New Arrivals at the Farm

Imi keeps us up to date with the gossip from the farm in her next YouTube video.  We have some new arrivals at Hockey’s just in time for Christmas: